Why 2017 is the Best (and worst) time to be a Weeb

Remember when we were lame?

When being a Weeb was a bad thing?

When you got weird looks for watching subbed anime or reading manga from right to left? Or when you were thought of as "childish" for wanting to build model mecha kits or collect figures of Goku and his squad?

And don't get me STARTED on the roast session you would receive from listening to an anime opener!

Well it would seem as if all that has changed!

Over the years and especially this year, Weeb culture has seemingly shifted from uncool, nerdyness to the new wave. Thanks to social media's ability to share content, anime and manga that was once reserved for the small circles that enjoyed it, is now getting appreciated in a more mainstream light.

Today we even have popular rappers and musicians putting on for the culture in big ways. This is awesome, because now us O.G. Weebs can really appreciate the culture with more people than the few friends they know who also enjoy it.

But there a catch. An ever present enemy determined to gain clout by any means necessary.

Culture Vultures.

You know the ones.

The "aesthetic chasers" who use screen caps of anime they've never seen. The "I only watch dubs" types. The "my favorite anime of all time is Inuyasha, not because its better than other anime, but because its the only one I know by name" types.


No wait, nevermind.

As I'm sure we all might have noticed by now, trends never last. So when the anime aesthetic bandwagon wheels fall off, we can expect most of them to jump on the next wave, whatever that may be.

And for those who don't, welcome to the dark side

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